Austria Ski Trip 


I have recently come back from a trip to Altenmarkt in Austria. The trip lasted 7 days and it was amazing. I was looking forward to this trip for a bit of time just because I love skiing and being in the mountains. 
The journey there lasted 24 hours and was spent in a coach and on a ferry. It wasn’t the most pleasant journey but it could have been worse so that’s at least good. 

We skiied down two slopes in the region of Altenmarkt. Flachau and Zauchensee were the two slopes. Zauchensee is the highest area in the Salburger Sportwelt and has a wide range of slope difficulty for every type of skiier. Flachau is great in the winter when the snow is just right and suitable for beginners due to the wider and flatter slopes. 

Day 1

The first full day I spent skiing as much as I could. I let this day be my practise and ‘get back in the flow” day. It was really fun because I could ski with the experienced members of the group. 

View from the ferry

Day 2

On this particular day was amazing sunshine and warm weather. It was so hot in the afternoon that I skied without my coat and in my sunglasses. I enjoyed this day so much as I already grasped the flow of skiing in my legs and could make more out of it as a result

Artistic photo of my ski attire

Day 3

On the third day, the whole day it rained and snowed. It was terrible to ski on and therefore I didn’t enjoy it that much as the snow was like slush. Instead of turns, all I did was slide down slowly across the wet snow.

Beautiful cloud-free weather at the summit

Day 4

On this day we went to a higher ski slope nearby and I loved it! The conditions there were so much better and I found myself being much more comfortable picking up speed. Additionally, I went down numerous black and red slopes as there were less people there. Took a bit more technique and speed to get down but it was worth it.

The scenic route to the mountain

Day 5 

Today we did more work on jumps and tricks using the children’s obstacle course on the slope to practise on. I enjoyed it so much even though at some jumps my legs were a bit stiff and uncontrollable. But I’m proud to say I didn’t fall down and did some awesome jumps that I have never tried before. 

Beautiful view from Flachau

Day 6

On this day it was pure skiing from 9am to 1pm, followed by lunch and then resumed from 2pm to 4pm until we left. I really enjoyed it just because most of it was so fun and social that the time flew by so fast. The people were great and I didn’t realise what time it was till we had to ski down for lunch break. 

View from the restaurant

Day 7

Today was the last day of the trip. In the morning we went for a quick ski run and then came back just after lunch to prepare ourselves for the long journey ahead. The road back was much more enjoyable than the journey there. The views were spectacular in Austria and Germany. Here are some photos to prove…

Overall, the trip was a success apart from a few bumps here and there. I enjoyed it nonetheless due to my unconditional love for skiing. It helped me to work on my existing skills and try things that I would never do like jumps and sliding on rails. As well, I saw that my confidence in speed and control improved so much more that I couldn’t believe sometimes how fast I was going. Skiing is such a fun sport that I recommend everyone try. It is tiring and you will ache after but it is worth it. Until next time… 



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