The Ordinary Skincare Review

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About two weeks ago I placed an order on ASOS to try a highly advertised brand that I have never heard of before. That brand is called ‘The Ordinary’ and is run by The Abnormal Beauty Company in Canada. You can buy it here from ASOS (from £5) or visit the company website for advice on which product would suit you best. 

I’ve decided to start a series where I review skincare and makeup maybe… #SavingSkin series? I don’t know about the name yet but it’s something that I would want to try as I love trying new products. 

I heard a lot about the brand but didn’t commit to buying until this month. What was appealing about it was the affordable price and good quality ingredients that the products contained. 

I decided for my first ever product from the brand to be something that I would be able to see a visible difference from. I bought the 10% Niacinamide and 1% Zinc serum as it stated that it was a ‘high strength vitamin and mineral blemish control’. Now, I heard some mixed reviews about this particularly about how drying it makes your skin afterwards. However, if used suitably and not over-excessively this product is amazing.

A little bit of context, during the past two months I’ve been suffering from stress induced acne due to exams and deadlines. This meant that my skin was acting up by taking a long time to heal and developing hormonal cystic-like aching bumps on my problem areas. Therefore, I really wanted this product to work as I was sick of covering up my spots with a layer of foundation every single day to school.

The product itself:

The consistency looks more like a fluid gel rather than a traditional water serum. Which was by no means is a problem for me as I have quite oily/combination skin. The dropper is very practical and easy to use. The actual feel of the product is cooling and protecting. If you put it on an open wound, it stings for a few seconds but then that’s it. 

The effects of the product:

The serum dries down and leaves almost a protective film on the skin which means that I would only recommend using it in the evening. Applying foundation on top could be tricky if it hasnt dried properly or if you’ve applied quite a bit on. 

The first night after trying it I immediately saw a reduction in redness of my current spots. It contributed to them getting smaller over the next few days. I would say that quick results could be achieved by this product if you suffer from normal spots that come and go. Cystic acne and hormonal acne effects would be seen over a few days. 

After a good couple of days of using it my mom kindly said “You’re face is finally nearly clear” and I was very happy cause it’s been a significant period of time since I’ve had near to clear skin. The existing spots I had are all healed now and flat which is amazing because that means I don’t have to wear makeup anymore! 

Overall, I would say that for the price of only £5 (when buying it in England) you are getting an amazing quality serum that works great for a broad range of acne. The zinc really helps to reduce the inflammation and redness which is what I was concerned with before purchasing the product. The product is advertised as a high strength vitamin and mineral blemish control which I can say is exactly what it does. 

I would definitely recommend this for blemishes and acne due to the quick results you see. Side note: the product never made me breakout and I have the type of skin that almost always breaks out a little when I try any new skincare be it a cleanser or moisturiser. 

Thanks for reading for this review! Until next time…


Are there any skincare brands or products that you suggest for me to try out? 


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