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Hey guys! I thought I would share some of the things I picked up whilst on my summer holiday. I’m going to try to categorise it into sections so that this post is organised and not a mess (we’ll see..). Its been quite an adventure filled summer for me going to Switzerland, Warsaw, Bali and Milan in two months, so on the way, I picked up some of my favourites, some new things and definitely lots of memories.


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  1. Bourjois Radiance Reveal concealer £7.99  (buy here)
  2. Freedom HD Eye Foils in the colour Burnt £5 (buy here)
  3. Benefit They’re Real gel eyeliner (Mini size £10.50 here)  (full-size £20 here)
  4. Benefit Hoola bronzing powder (Mini size £12.50 here) (full size £24.50 here)
  5. Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation & Concealer £27 (buy here)

Three out of the five makeup products I bought were repeated purchases of my favourite things. The concealer, bronzing powder and gel eyeliner are all things I love but simply ran out of so I figured this was the perfect chance to buy everything. However, the eyeshadow and foundation I bought as it intrigued me to try it out. I made a blog post about my first impression of the Clinique foundation here if you want to read my thoughts on the product. The eyeshadow pack is very pigmented and so affordable that it’s almost a steal getting an eyeshadow for £1 each.


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  1. Tolpa Sebio Normalizujaca Maska £2.85 (buy here)
  2. Tolpa Sebio Matujacy Krem Korygujacy £11.73 (buy here)
  3. Tolpa Sebio Mikrozluszczajacy Zel Peeling do Twarzy 50ml £2.60 (buy here)
  4. Tolpa Hydrativ Maska-Peeling Hydroenzymatyczna £2.68 (buy here)

If you can’t tell, I’m obsessed with this skincare brand ‘Tolpa’. Tolpa is a Polish brand based from Wroclaw and it makes some of my holy grail products. The face mask (number 1) I buy in bulk when I fly to Poland because I love it so much. The cream (number 2) I’ve gone through two bottles already, it’s great before makeup as it blurs pores and mattifies the skin so I recommend for anyone with oily skin. The other mask (number 4) I use when my skin is feeling dry or dull as it’s a clear mask that you leave on for around 15 minutes and it leaves your skin feeling so soft and hydrated that you don’t even need a moisturiser afterwards. The peeling gel cleanser (number 3) is something that I’ve never tried and I absolutely love it for a light scrub cleanser in the evening. Check their official page here to browse everything that they have. I absolutely love this brand for skincare.


2017-09-04 10.35.04 1.jpg

When it comes to my two top summer fashion items that I bought, I only have to include this Primark blush coloured fake leather backpack and my first ever designer bag from Guess in this tropical flower print. These two items are what I have been loving since I bought them over the summer. The backpack is very versatile and the blush colour means that it goes with most outfits that I wear. The Guess bag is so beautiful and cute as its a small purse size bag which is really helpful as I hate having to carry a huge handbag around. The quality is amazing and the print on the bag is absolutely summer inspired which is one of the reasons why I picked this bag for my first ever designer purchase.

I hope you enjoyed this little summer haul that I put together showing you all the items that I bought whilst having a grand old time travelling around Europe. Don’t forget to read my other posts and stay tuned till my next post. Until next time…



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