Autumn Favourites 

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Hey guys! So sorry for being inactive for the past month and a half. I’ve been overwhelmed with the amount of work and dedication it takes to start university so I’ve had to take a small break from my blog… but I’m back now with a whole list of posts that I want to show you!

Little life update:

The past month has been hectic in that I started university back in October and since then I’ve been so preoccupied with assignments and general lecture/seminar prep as well as fitting in and socialising, that I did not have enough time during the day to post anything. But hopefully, I will be able to post more frequently the rest of this month as well as December.


I bought this book as a little ‘treat yo self’ moment after I finished half of my uni semester as a little ‘You did it!’ moment. It’s a really nice read about this woman and her friends who finds herself in the situation where her mother is sick, she lost her job and a chain of events in her life means she relies on her friends to get through it. I would recommend this to anyone that wants a book just to read casually over the weekend or something that isn’t too narrative heavy and requires a lot of concentration. You can buy it on Amazon here:


Now, let me tell you about how much I have been loving the weather in October; the sun was shining, the leaves were changing and the whole autumn atmosphere was making me feel so nice and toasty at university that I forgot about everything else I needed to do.

I took the above photo while walking back from campus and the weather that day made my whole mood so much better, even though I had lots of work and lectures to go to.

Beauty & Fashion:

This past month I decided to stick to a neutral autumn nail colour scheme which meant that I was using these colours so much more than all my other colours. Both are are by Sally Hansen, the first one is called ‘374 Mauve Along’ and its the most neutral mauve/beige colour that I have ever worn. When I apply it, it immediately makes my nails look so chic and like I put a lot of effort into them (when I really didn’t). The second one is called ‘360 Plum’s the Word’ and if you can’t tell from the name, then the colour is very plum and autumnal. Both colours compliment each other and a lot of my clothing and makeup looks which makes these two very versatile during the autumn season as a whole.

During a shopping trip, I took with one of my best friends I bought these beautiful boots with floral embroidery on the side from Primark for £14. They have a chunky, medium height heel which makes it very easy to walk around campus which is what I do most of the days. Additionally, the foot and ankle are supported as the boot end goes higher than your ankle which means it doesn’t feel like its slipping off.

I would wear these with some black jeans, loose chunky sweater, and a beige blazer coat to create a chic, comfortable and (still) warm outfit for uni days where I want to look a little better than just jeans and a t-shirt.

Makeup that I’ve recently bought and loved for autumnal inspired makeup include:

  • NYX Cosmic Metals eyeshadow palette £8, buy here 
  • NYX Lid Lingerie eyeshadow palette £8, buy here
  • Essence Volume Stylist Mascara £3, buy here
  • Seventeen Stay Time Concealer in 02 Medium £4.49, buy here

The eyeshadow is great to create simple warm toned autumn inspired looks and the cosmic metals are great to pop on the middle of the eyelid to create a halo effect. The mascara is very volumising but a little bit clumpy if you don’t first take off most of the product from the brush. The concealer is great for spots and places where you need a medium to full coverage with a no-cakey finish. The colour is not the best but when I wear a little darker BB cream, you can’t tell that it’s beige and not light.

Skincare I’ve been loving as of lately:

  • Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub £3.49, buy here
  • Nivea Daily Essentials Regenerating Night Cream £3.99, buy here

The facial scrub is generally really good at getting rid of dry, flaky skin and the night cream is really moisturising which is what I have been needing as of lately. The two combined create a killer, deep moisture, and baby-soft skin effect when you wake up.

Hope you enjoyed reading some products and things I’ve been loving lately. Let me know if you like anything on this list as much as I do. Don’t forget to check out my other beauty and lifestyle posts on my blog!



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