2018 Goals and Aspirations

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Hey guys! This marks the 1st birthday of my blog which I started on the 1st of January 2017 as a journey of pushing a hobby/past time to a more larger part of my lifestyle. Hopefully, you enjoyed this first year of trialing out the direction of my blog which has been definitely more directed in the sense of where it is going in the second half of the year. To continue on what I have written one year ago, I decided to write down some goals that I want to achieve the next year to come.

  • Get healthier and stronger
  • Get back into Spanish
  • Put more time and effort into photography
  • Develop my blog further and create quality content throughout the year
  • To go on more spontaneous trips and get out there into the world
  • Socialise and make memories with my high school friends and new uni friends
  • Do more recipe posts on my blog and develop my culinary skills
  • Get my first tattoo

I thought I would show you some of my highlights from this year to summarise the year in photos as I have enjoyed most of the year surprisingly (haha). Below are some of my favourite places that I have visited this year…



Other accomplishments that I started this year include…

2018-01-04 (2)

Hopefully this joy and happiness will continue into 2018 with lots of things planned! Don’t forget to check out my other posts and hit that follow button!



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