The Ordinary Foundation & Primer Review | First Impressions

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Hey guys! To start off the new year I thought I would post my review of The Ordinary Foundation and follow up with a skincare post that will be up this month with the rest of the skincare I purchased off Cult Beauty (link here).

To start off with the review… I got the serum foundation to try out as I’m not one to buy full coverage foundations as a glowy, healthy ‘your skin but better’ is the kind of look I usuall go for. The price is £5.70 on Cult Beauty and you can purchase it here, let me tell you that I was on the waitlist for this product for a good 2 months before I was finally able to purchase my shade.

2018-01-17 01792791636..jpg

The shade that I opted for online was 1.2N which looked like a neutral/olivey undertone light beige which is what I usually am during the winter. The shade matched me but I noticed during the day that the colour pulled towards yellow when applied (not massively but a tiny bit yellow). I’m not fussing about the not so neutral yellow as it didn’t really make my face look a completely different colour.

2018-01-17 012065449829..jpg

One thing that I have to say is that this foundation is very liquidy, you have to shake it well before applying otherwise the oils and pigment will not go on nicely on your skin. The formula is lightweight and almost feels like tinted moisturiser/oil with a wear time of about 5 or 6 hours before it looks a bit sad and patchy. The foundation does not dry down so if you want to wear it for a good couple of hours I would recommend setting it with powder to stop it from slipping off.

It’s worth mentioning that I have oily/combination skin which means that my T-zone gets quickly oily during the day and I noticed the foundation starting to slide off after a couple of hours in those areas. The foundation feels very hydrating which is a plus but I would not recommend for really oily people as it will literally just slide off.

The desired effect of this foundation is a glowy, dewy and healthy tint to the skin which is alright for days when spots aren’t an issue as the coverage is light to medium depending on how much you want to apply to your skin.

The one thing that I thoroughly enjoy about this foundation is the diversity of shades and undertones which shows that this brand is very conscious of creating products that anyone and everyone can try. I might in the future try the high-coverage foundation as its only £5.90 but so far I don’t need it in my daily makeup routine.

To go along with the foundation I bought the ‘High spreadability fluid primer’ for £5.50 from Cult beauty (here). Here are some of my quick thoughts on it.

It makes your skin so soft and almost velvety feeling that the foundation slips straights off when you try to blend on top (the serum foundation at least for me).


The consistency is a clear gel with only a little needed to be used to cover cheeks and forehead. But the only thing that I found a little difficult for me was how extremely slippery this primer was. I put the foundation on and as I was blending our with my brush the foundation was going streaky and not sinking into the skin I wanted it to.

Therefore, I have to say that the primer did not work out for me the way I hoped it would.

Hope you enjoyed my review of the two The Ordinary products! Stay tuned for the second part of skincare this month. Check out my other beauty related posts here and don’t forget to like and follow if you enjoy my content.



Essence & Collection Concealers | Review

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Hey guys! While I was browsing in Wilko minding my business I stumbled upon the makeup aisle which intrigued so much that I decided to pick out somethings. The one thing I wanted to try out was some new concealer and I decided on these two brands.

In this blog post, we will review the Collection ‘Lasting Perfection’ concealer in Fair and the Essence ‘Camouflage High Coverage’ concealer in the shades 05 Fair and 10 Nude.

Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer:

I bought this concealer for £4.18 in Wilko which is really not a bad price for a ‘full coverage’ concealer, the tube holds 6.5ml which is a decent amount of concealer for everyday use. Some of the things that I enjoy about this concealer is the buttery spreadability the formula has and the long-lasting effect it gives to the skin. The colour ‘Ivory’ is great to highlight with but I have found it to almost adjust to my skin colour or the colour of the foundation I am wearing at the time. It doesn’t go orange or anything like that but it nicely darkens by half a shade the most. You really do not need a lot of this and the tube lasts for ages. This is the concealer I reach for when I need to have a full face for a whole day and make my skin look flawless for a number of hours without any moving or patchiness.

Essence Camouflage Concealer:

This concealer cost me £2.50 in Wilko which is absolutely a bargain for a product of this type. The tube holds 5ml of the product but the bottle looks significantly bigger than the Collection one even though it has less product. I picked out two colours due to their closeness of actual pigment and undertone. 05 Ivory and 10 Nude are basically the shade but I have to say that 10 Nude is a tiny bit yellower in the undertone whereas 05 Ivory has a smidge of pinky-ness in it when you put both colours side by side. Great for highlighting under the eyes and covers spots very good. Does not enhance dryness or stick to dry patches, stays for a long time and overall really great money for £2.50!!! I could not believe the price for this product since it is so true to its description, medium to full coverage with the option of building it up if you need more coverage in specific areas.

Overall I love both concealers and use them on an everyday basis which means they cannot be bad or fake in their claims. The value of money for these products is amazing since you are getting such a bargain for a product that the everyday woman uses every morning to finish off her look.

I highly recommend any of the readers to try the concealers out for themselves as different skin types react differently to formulas so it’s the case of trialing it out for a week to see how much you like. In the end, you are only spending pennies on a concealer that could be your favourite of all time. Hope you enjoyed reading this review of two new concealers (to me) and check out my other beauty related blog posts here. Have a nice rest of the day!!


Autumn Favourites 

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Hey guys! So sorry for being inactive for the past month and a half. I’ve been overwhelmed with the amount of work and dedication it takes to start university so I’ve had to take a small break from my blog… but I’m back now with a whole list of posts that I want to show you!

Little life update:

The past month has been hectic in that I started university back in October and since then I’ve been so preoccupied with assignments and general lecture/seminar prep as well as fitting in and socialising, that I did not have enough time during the day to post anything. But hopefully, I will be able to post more frequently the rest of this month as well as December.


I bought this book as a little ‘treat yo self’ moment after I finished half of my uni semester as a little ‘You did it!’ moment. It’s a really nice read about this woman and her friends who finds herself in the situation where her mother is sick, she lost her job and a chain of events in her life means she relies on her friends to get through it. I would recommend this to anyone that wants a book just to read casually over the weekend or something that isn’t too narrative heavy and requires a lot of concentration. You can buy it on Amazon here:


Now, let me tell you about how much I have been loving the weather in October; the sun was shining, the leaves were changing and the whole autumn atmosphere was making me feel so nice and toasty at university that I forgot about everything else I needed to do.

I took the above photo while walking back from campus and the weather that day made my whole mood so much better, even though I had lots of work and lectures to go to.

Beauty & Fashion:

This past month I decided to stick to a neutral autumn nail colour scheme which meant that I was using these colours so much more than all my other colours. Both are are by Sally Hansen, the first one is called ‘374 Mauve Along’ and its the most neutral mauve/beige colour that I have ever worn. When I apply it, it immediately makes my nails look so chic and like I put a lot of effort into them (when I really didn’t). The second one is called ‘360 Plum’s the Word’ and if you can’t tell from the name, then the colour is very plum and autumnal. Both colours compliment each other and a lot of my clothing and makeup looks which makes these two very versatile during the autumn season as a whole.

During a shopping trip, I took with one of my best friends I bought these beautiful boots with floral embroidery on the side from Primark for £14. They have a chunky, medium height heel which makes it very easy to walk around campus which is what I do most of the days. Additionally, the foot and ankle are supported as the boot end goes higher than your ankle which means it doesn’t feel like its slipping off.

I would wear these with some black jeans, loose chunky sweater, and a beige blazer coat to create a chic, comfortable and (still) warm outfit for uni days where I want to look a little better than just jeans and a t-shirt.

Makeup that I’ve recently bought and loved for autumnal inspired makeup include:

  • NYX Cosmic Metals eyeshadow palette £8, buy here 
  • NYX Lid Lingerie eyeshadow palette £8, buy here
  • Essence Volume Stylist Mascara £3, buy here
  • Seventeen Stay Time Concealer in 02 Medium £4.49, buy here

The eyeshadow is great to create simple warm toned autumn inspired looks and the cosmic metals are great to pop on the middle of the eyelid to create a halo effect. The mascara is very volumising but a little bit clumpy if you don’t first take off most of the product from the brush. The concealer is great for spots and places where you need a medium to full coverage with a no-cakey finish. The colour is not the best but when I wear a little darker BB cream, you can’t tell that it’s beige and not light.

Skincare I’ve been loving as of lately:

  • Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub £3.49, buy here
  • Nivea Daily Essentials Regenerating Night Cream £3.99, buy here

The facial scrub is generally really good at getting rid of dry, flaky skin and the night cream is really moisturising which is what I have been needing as of lately. The two combined create a killer, deep moisture, and baby-soft skin effect when you wake up.

Hope you enjoyed reading some products and things I’ve been loving lately. Let me know if you like anything on this list as much as I do. Don’t forget to check out my other beauty and lifestyle posts on my blog!


La Roche Posay Acne Skincare Review 

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Hey guys! I thought I would give you a little review on the acne product that I have been loving since I bought. Continuing with my quest to get clear skin, I’ve decided to try out a pricier, more luxurious brand that I’ve heard great things about. This of course judging by the title is La Roche Posay. Looking through the products they sell I’ve noticed that they are not the most affordable but definitely not an astonishing price that would deter me from making repeat purchases.

To paint you a little picture I have oily/combination acne prone skin as a result of hormones, stress, and sugar. As a result, I look for products that have the words blemish, acne and mattifying in their name.

This product has great reviews on Boots (read about it here) and on the company website (read here). I bought it when it was on sale for around £7.50 which is not a bad price for an acne-product with good ingredients. On the box, it says it is for acne-prone and oily skin. There are a few variations in their acne range but I decided against buying an anti-blemish moisturiser for the whole face as I usually get individual breakouts here and there.


The cream itself is white and comes in a small squeezy tube, perfect for travel. The product lasts for a long time, a little goes a long way. I usually use this by dotting a small amount on the blemish I have and tapping it into the skin to concentrate it in that area exclusively. I bought this two or three months ago and I have more than half of the bottle still left which shows how little you need for acne.

The ingredient that drew me in to buy this product was the Niacinamide that I use already in my ‘The Ordinary 10% Niacinamide and 1% Zinc serum’ (review about that here). Niacinamide is great for stopping the development of the blemish which is mostly what I deal with. I personally like this La Roche Posay product on both generic small white-heads as well as my hormonal cystic acne (painful type). It works well on a combination of spots which makes it a very good investment and a multi-tasking spot treatment.

When my skin is acting up before its that time of the week I usually use ‘The Ordinary’ serum to wipe out most spots and any that are still there the next day I treat with this targeted corrector which makes for a great power couple of products.


I would recommend using this product in the nighttime as it’s not liquidy, almost a sticky thick cream. It doesn’t leave any residue on the skin and you can’t see it when you have dabbed it into the skin. Overall, I really like this blemish cream, the price is not steep, you are getting good ingredients for your skin and it doesn’t break you out even more.

The product doesn’t have a perfume smell per-say but it does smell nice, almost clean and like Clinique skincare which smells good too.


I have travelled with this and its never leaked or gone everywhere which is great when you are constantly packing and unpacking in different places.

To conclude, I would definitely recommend this targeted corrector for anyone that has felt that their current blemish creams, serums and moisturisers have stopped working. I love this and will probably repurchase it when this bottle runs out (think that might take some time) as it’s not that much for something that makes a big difference in your skin and makeup, as great makeup comes from great skincare to start off with.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article and felt that it helped anyone on the fence whether to buy the product or not. Don’t forget to check out my other beauty blog posts by checking out my blog! Until next time…


Are there any acne- fighting products that you use and see results from? I would love to hear your suggestions! 

Summer Haul | Makeup, Skincare & Fashion 

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Hey guys! I thought I would share some of the things I picked up whilst on my summer holiday. I’m going to try to categorise it into sections so that this post is organised and not a mess (we’ll see..). Its been quite an adventure filled summer for me going to Switzerland, Warsaw, Bali and Milan in two months, so on the way, I picked up some of my favourites, some new things and definitely lots of memories.


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  1. Bourjois Radiance Reveal concealer £7.99  (buy here)
  2. Freedom HD Eye Foils in the colour Burnt £5 (buy here)
  3. Benefit They’re Real gel eyeliner (Mini size £10.50 here)  (full-size £20 here)
  4. Benefit Hoola bronzing powder (Mini size £12.50 here) (full size £24.50 here)
  5. Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation & Concealer £27 (buy here)

Three out of the five makeup products I bought were repeated purchases of my favourite things. The concealer, bronzing powder and gel eyeliner are all things I love but simply ran out of so I figured this was the perfect chance to buy everything. However, the eyeshadow and foundation I bought as it intrigued me to try it out. I made a blog post about my first impression of the Clinique foundation here if you want to read my thoughts on the product. The eyeshadow pack is very pigmented and so affordable that it’s almost a steal getting an eyeshadow for £1 each.


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  1. Tolpa Sebio Normalizujaca Maska £2.85 (buy here)
  2. Tolpa Sebio Matujacy Krem Korygujacy £11.73 (buy here)
  3. Tolpa Sebio Mikrozluszczajacy Zel Peeling do Twarzy 50ml £2.60 (buy here)
  4. Tolpa Hydrativ Maska-Peeling Hydroenzymatyczna £2.68 (buy here)

If you can’t tell, I’m obsessed with this skincare brand ‘Tolpa’. Tolpa is a Polish brand based from Wroclaw and it makes some of my holy grail products. The face mask (number 1) I buy in bulk when I fly to Poland because I love it so much. The cream (number 2) I’ve gone through two bottles already, it’s great before makeup as it blurs pores and mattifies the skin so I recommend for anyone with oily skin. The other mask (number 4) I use when my skin is feeling dry or dull as it’s a clear mask that you leave on for around 15 minutes and it leaves your skin feeling so soft and hydrated that you don’t even need a moisturiser afterwards. The peeling gel cleanser (number 3) is something that I’ve never tried and I absolutely love it for a light scrub cleanser in the evening. Check their official page here to browse everything that they have. I absolutely love this brand for skincare.


2017-09-04 10.35.04 1.jpg

When it comes to my two top summer fashion items that I bought, I only have to include this Primark blush coloured fake leather backpack and my first ever designer bag from Guess in this tropical flower print. These two items are what I have been loving since I bought them over the summer. The backpack is very versatile and the blush colour means that it goes with most outfits that I wear. The Guess bag is so beautiful and cute as its a small purse size bag which is really helpful as I hate having to carry a huge handbag around. The quality is amazing and the print on the bag is absolutely summer inspired which is one of the reasons why I picked this bag for my first ever designer purchase.

I hope you enjoyed this little summer haul that I put together showing you all the items that I bought whilst having a grand old time travelling around Europe. Don’t forget to read my other posts and stay tuned till my next post. Until next time…


Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation & Concealer Review

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Hey guys! Over the summer I bought a new foundation that I wanted to try out to see what the hype was about it. If you can’t tell from the title it’s a Clinique product which has been talked about thoroughly on YouTube. I was drawn to this foundation because of the applicator and that it could be used as a concealer and foundation. I got it in the shade 02 Alabaster as it’s my perfect tan shade and when I am a little lighter I can add my The Body Shop Lightening Drops (you can buy those here for £10). I love the drops as they don’t change the foundation in the way it applies or settles into my skin, it only lightens.

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The foundation comes with 30ml of product which is pretty standard and the glass bottle feels luxurious and expensive. You can buy it from Boots here for £27 and comes in 29 shades on the website. On the Clinique website here you can read reviews and get a comprehensive breakdown of the product as well as buying it.On the bottle, it says that the foundation gives a moderate to full coverage which is true when you apply it with a dense foundation brush. If you want lighter coverage you can use a sponge like the Real Techniques blending sponge or a Beauty Blender.

On the bottle, it says that the foundation gives a moderate to full coverage which is true when you apply it with a dense foundation brush. If you want lighter coverage you can use a sponge like the Real Techniques blending sponge or a Beauty Blender.

The finish it gives is natural matte, however, I feel as though I still have to powder my oily areas as the foundation looks dewy. It lasts a long time, on the bottle it says it’s a 12hr foundation, I am yet to check if it lasts a full 12hrs but for the few hours of walking that I did, it held up.

I found a small weakness in the foundation formula which made me hesitant to try it out fully as it oxidizes by half a shade. I made it work by adding the lightening drops, however,  I would suggest going one shade lighter so that when it oxidizes it goes to your perfect shade.

The applicator is useful when you want to use the product as a concealer, the perfect amount of product comes out on the applicator.

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Below is an image of the foundation blended out (on the left) and unblended (on the right). To blend it out I used a dense foundation brush. From the photo, you can see that it gives a skin like finish and covers very well.

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I still need to play around with the foundation and find the best way to apply to my face. I would love to try more Clinique foundations like the Even Better Makeup and the Anti-Blemish solutions foundation for when I am breaking out.

Hope you found this review informative and helped you to decide whether to purchase this foundation. Until next time…


What other Clinique foundations do you like?

The Ordinary Skincare Review

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About two weeks ago I placed an order on ASOS to try a highly advertised brand that I have never heard of before. That brand is called ‘The Ordinary’ and is run by The Abnormal Beauty Company in Canada. You can buy it here from ASOS (from £5) or visit the company website for advice on which product would suit you best. 

I’ve decided to start a series where I review skincare and makeup maybe… #SavingSkin series? I don’t know about the name yet but it’s something that I would want to try as I love trying new products. 

I heard a lot about the brand but didn’t commit to buying until this month. What was appealing about it was the affordable price and good quality ingredients that the products contained. 

I decided for my first ever product from the brand to be something that I would be able to see a visible difference from. I bought the 10% Niacinamide and 1% Zinc serum as it stated that it was a ‘high strength vitamin and mineral blemish control’. Now, I heard some mixed reviews about this particularly about how drying it makes your skin afterwards. However, if used suitably and not over-excessively this product is amazing.

A little bit of context, during the past two months I’ve been suffering from stress induced acne due to exams and deadlines. This meant that my skin was acting up by taking a long time to heal and developing hormonal cystic-like aching bumps on my problem areas. Therefore, I really wanted this product to work as I was sick of covering up my spots with a layer of foundation every single day to school.

The product itself:

The consistency looks more like a fluid gel rather than a traditional water serum. Which was by no means is a problem for me as I have quite oily/combination skin. The dropper is very practical and easy to use. The actual feel of the product is cooling and protecting. If you put it on an open wound, it stings for a few seconds but then that’s it. 

The effects of the product:

The serum dries down and leaves almost a protective film on the skin which means that I would only recommend using it in the evening. Applying foundation on top could be tricky if it hasnt dried properly or if you’ve applied quite a bit on. 

The first night after trying it I immediately saw a reduction in redness of my current spots. It contributed to them getting smaller over the next few days. I would say that quick results could be achieved by this product if you suffer from normal spots that come and go. Cystic acne and hormonal acne effects would be seen over a few days. 

After a good couple of days of using it my mom kindly said “You’re face is finally nearly clear” and I was very happy cause it’s been a significant period of time since I’ve had near to clear skin. The existing spots I had are all healed now and flat which is amazing because that means I don’t have to wear makeup anymore! 

Overall, I would say that for the price of only £5 (when buying it in England) you are getting an amazing quality serum that works great for a broad range of acne. The zinc really helps to reduce the inflammation and redness which is what I was concerned with before purchasing the product. The product is advertised as a high strength vitamin and mineral blemish control which I can say is exactly what it does. 

I would definitely recommend this for blemishes and acne due to the quick results you see. Side note: the product never made me breakout and I have the type of skin that almost always breaks out a little when I try any new skincare be it a cleanser or moisturiser. 

Thanks for reading for this review! Until next time…


Are there any skincare brands or products that you suggest for me to try out?